Porgera Operation Seen Reduced Illegal Miners

Into its second month, Operation ‘Short Stop’ in mining township Porgera, Enga Province, has reported a great reduction in illegal miners’ numbers.

Operation Controller Chief, Inspector Norman Kambo, said he is pleased with the awareness program being carried out by the joint forces, so far.


Inspector Kambo said tribal warfare, firearms, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol abuse, and the prevalence of HIV infection, have been amongst the major concerns identified during the operation so far.


Three weeks after the launch of the Call out operation, members of the joint security forces have gone into villagers inside the SML areas, plus the settlements in and around Porgera, conducting awareness.


Operation Controller, Chief Inspector Norman Kambo, said law and order problems are rife in the Porgera valley.


Inspector Kambo said tribal fighting among warring tribes causing mass destruction of properties and loss of lives with the use of firearms, is one major problem identified.


Others are domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, and the prevalence of HIV infection is also reported to be increasing.


Of notable concern is the daily illegal activities carried out at the Porgera mine site by people living near the mine and SML area. These activities have contributed to stop works and at times, affected the production output of gold.


Inspector Kambo said following the awareness carried out by the joint forces so far, reports from the Porgera Development Authority has indicated that numbers of illegal miners into the mine pit have dropped drastically.


The current command center for the operation short stop is in the mine premises; soon they will shift to the community hall in Pogera. This will enable the public to come forward with information and be part of the operation.

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