Polye Challenges O’Neill To Public Debate

Former Treasurer and Member for Kandep Don Polye has challenged the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to an open debate on the media regarding current controversial issues.

Issues to be debated include the UBS loan, the K1 billion sky scraper, and the K50 million payment to LR Group of companies for the purchase of two generators among other issues.


Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on the other hand told Polye to take his debate to the floor of parliament during the May session.


Prime Minister O’Neill described Polye’s call for debate as self-serving and a publicity stunt.


He said Polye should stop sneaking around the courts and communities trying to lobby support for his own interest.


He also asked Polye to tell the nation what he has done in his 12 years as minister.


Don Polye however is adamant that face-to-face debates should be the new way of communication and said that if the Prime Minister accepts his invitation for the debate, they will each take along a former prime minister and two persons with good knowledge of current issues that are being debated.

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