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PNGRFL To Look Into Fake Merchandise Issues

Fake PNGRFL merchandise, that has been on the market and floating around the streets, has been brought to the attention of the PNG Rugby Football League.

PNGRFL CEO Brad Tassell says they are aware of the unauthorized dealers and will take appropriate action.


He says the only authorized dealer is Super Value Store.


Mr Tassell says having a reputable Queensland Cup logo on SP PNG Hunters merchandise needs to be protected and required with no dubbing or reproduction in any form.


He said it is extremely important to protect the national colour and authorised logo on merchandise when representing the country on the international stage.


Mr. Tassell issued a warning to retailers and wholesalers making money from the merchandise.


He thanked the public for their support in eradicating fake PNGRFL merchandise on the market. He says they are fully aware of the wholesalers and retailers and will report it to the police after the completion of their investigation.


The only authorised distributor is Super Value Store. Meanwhile, new stock is arriving and will be out on shelves soon.

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