PNG Karate Team Leave to Compete in Gold Coast

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ThPNG Karate Team left for Gold CoastoAustralia this morning to compete in a combined martial arts tournament.

The team comprises of fifteen fighters, amongthem three females. They will be competing inthe cadets division, 16 to 17 years division, 18 to 19 division andthe adult division.   


The team is mainly made up of junior fighters, and is part ofthe junior development program for the future oPNG Karate. They will be competing in a three day tournament.


Most ofthem are new fighters and this istheir first overseas tournament.


The fights will be in two categories, full contact and semi- contact. They will also compete in pattern demonstration. Fighters from different martial arts including Kung Fu, Judo, Tai Chi and ther martial arts will also be taking part.


The young fighters said it will be a good experience for them and are confident of putting up a good challenge and win gold.

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