PM :Gives K13 million to Gulf for Development Projects

Forthe first time in so many years,the people of Gulf province will see some development intheir province.

This is afterthe Prime Minister Peter O’Neill visitedthe province overthe weekend and gave thirteen million kina for various projects inthe province.

He wasthere to fulfil certain commitments he made while on a visitthere last year.

Prime Minister O’Neill was accompanlied bythe local MP’softhe province. His first stop on Thursday was at Wobabo village wherethe Paia Port will be constructed.

He assuredthe people that his government will try to get this project done withintheir term in office. He made commitments to fundthe construction of an elementary school classroom and a building for the health center.

O’Neill’s next stop was at Kikori.

He was in Kerema town and presented cheques tothe governor for various projects inthe province. These were monies he promised tothe people on his first visit tothe province last year.

He gave two million kina each for the sealing of Kerema town roads, maintenance and renovation ofthe High School and Hospital and to start work onthe Kerema Kaintiba road.

Finance Minister James Marape also committed five million kina to sealthe Kerema Airport.

Prime Minister’s challenge tothe people and lLeaderswas to look afterthe projects and for them to work togther to seethese projects delivered.

Ruth Rungula, National EMTV News

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