Peace Ceremony After Protest

TheLandowners, Workers and Management of Tolukuma Gold mine made peace today.


Goilala MP Daniel Mona and appointed CEO ofthe mine SamInguba were atthe mine today for a peace ceremony with locals and workers after last month’s protest and management issues.

Goilala MP Mr Mona and CEO SamInguba were greeted on arrival by mine workers and locals.


Amongthe awaiting party, a guest who would later signifythe importance ofthe peace ceremony.


After being led tothe peace ceremony arena, Mr Mona and MrInguba carrlied outthe peace process withthe killing of a pig.


Last month, 480 mine workers walked offtheir jobs and refused Petromin appointed general manager Sarimu Kanu.


The stand-off towards Mr Kanu was followed by demands of financial powers to be given tothe existing mine management because Petromin was disbanded.


MrInguba said he had been entrusted withthe responsibility of CEO and any issues withthe mine will be dealt with, withthe involvement of all stakeholders.


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