Parties breaching Code to face Ombudsman

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A number of Political Parties stand to be referred tothe Ombudsman Commission for failing to comply withIntegrity laws.

The Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu saysthey have not submitted party financial returns as required.

Dr Gelu said 86 Members of Parliament have submittedtheir returns. Over half of this, submittedtheir returns afterthe due date. Those who submittedthe Party expenditure books late were fined. Dr Gelu saysthe number of political parties is disappointing andthey will consider deregistering some.

Those who have failed to comply withthe Organic Law ontheIntergrity of Political Parties or OLIPAC Law will be referred tothe Ombudsman Commission for breachingthe LLeadersip Code.

The Registrar says his office proposes reforms that will keep tabs onthe different parties. Each party is expected to submit annual plans to his office starting 2014.  They also developed a Five Year Training Plan for Party Executives. This will continue until 2017,the Election Year.

Beidgette Komatep, National EMTV News

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