Parkop Responds to Threats

National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, in response to criticisms and threats made by certain members of the public in relation to the Betelnut ban in the city, is standing firm on his decision to completely ban buai.

Governor Parkop and his family have been receiving threats from unknown people regarding the ban on betel-nut in the city. However, the governor said the ban will still continue, and he’s not afraid of the threats.


He said he’s ready and willing to address the issue in a proper way, with the people who have grievances and problems about the ban.


Today Mr Parkop met with Central Governor, Kila Hauda, and Gulf Governor, Havila Kavo, to manage the issue in respect to how it affects the producers in Central and Gulf Provinces, and the retailers and chewers in the City.


He said they are not abolishing the use of betel nut in the City, but relocating the markets to a new location. He urged retailers and chewers in the city, to go to the new Ruburoko ‘buai’ market along the Hiritano Highway to buy or chew betel nut.


Within the regulations of the buai ban, only 2 kilograms of betelnut will be allowed to be brought into the city per purchaser, and must be chewed inside thier home.


The Governor said he gave 5 years to the vendors to adhere to allocations given to them to sell betel nut but they disobeyed.


As for the chewers, who haven’t changed their habit to spit in the public places, he said they are also leaving health consequences to the public to face.


He said yesterday that there is a high rate of Tuberculosis and mouth cancer in the city, and he and the NCDC board took the initiative to minimize it.


Member for Moresby South, and Minister for Sports and Pacific Games, Justin Tkatchenko added that the relocation will help to make our city looks clean in preparations for big events that are coming up in Port Moresby.

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