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Papua New Guineans Encouraged to Purchase PNG Made Products

Papua New Guineans are encouraged to purchase PNG Made products because it contributes to the economy and safeguard jobs for locals as well.

Treasury Minister, Charles Abel, says the National Government has made adjustments on the process that generate revenue for the country. This includes the fuel discount on fishing vessels that sell our tuna on the world market.

Abel says if PNG cuts down on imports that can be processed in PNG, we can grow the economy. But the challenge is now on locals to purchase PNG Made products.

With the PNG economy not performing well against foreign currencies, the national government is now implementing incentives to increase the value of PNG kina.

In the fisheries sector, the Government has removed the Fuel Discount privilege on international fishing vessels. This comes after it was made known by the Government that most of PNG tuna is sold overseas and not manufactured locally.

Papua New Guinea is a major importer of food products, most of which are produced overseas and imported into the country.

Because of this, the Government plans to invest in downstream processing. This is to increase local employment and generate government revenue.

In its strive to increase the value of the Kina, the PNG Manufacturers Council is promoting the purchase of local products – which includes food products like Maggie Noodles, Golden Sun Cooking Oil, Diana Tuna tinned fish and assorted can drinks.

However, there are also imported goods on the shelves, and Papua New Guineans are encouraged to purchase more PNG made products.

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