Over 2000 teachers sign oaths & affirmation of service

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By Sharlyne Eri – EMTV News, Lae

Last Friday, over 2000 teachers in the National Capital District, pledged theirloyalty by filling in their oaths and affirmation of service of members of the teaching service.

The Oath and Affirmation is a legal requirement under section 22 of the Teaching Services Act 1988.

This year, the Teaching Service Commission, for the first time, applied the existing provision of the Teaching Service Act.

TSC Commissioner Policy Samson Wangihomie was among TSC officials who witnessed the pledges. He encouraged teachers to make a difference in their teaching profession and be positive role models.

TSC plans to spread the practice to teachers in other provinces.

Sharlyne Eri

Graduated from UPNG in 2015 with a Degree in Literature and English Communication. She started with The National Newspaper in 2016 as a News Reporter and then was moved up to a Sub Editor, the following year (2017). She is among four trainee journalists at EMTV. Television is quite different from print media, however, she is determined take on the challenge. Her passion lies in reporting on issues concerning health and children.