O’Neill: Investors Welcome

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By Leanne Jorari – EMTV News, Brisbane

Prime Minister O’Neill gave an open invitation for new investors to invest in Papua New Guinea and for previous investors to continue re-investing.

Investment opportunities, according to the Prime Minister, is an avenue to create job opportunities for Papua New Guineans and generate business for the country’s small to medium enterprises.

PNG looks to be on the cusp of a new phase of significant growth, this is according to the Prime Minister who warmly invited investors to invest in the country. The projected growth is driven in part by major resources and infrastructure investment.

PM O’Neill stated that his government continues to remove red tapes and PNG has cemented its reputation as a destination where big businesses can operate.


Leanne Jorari

is a graduate of the Queensland University of Technology with a degree in Creative Industries, including a major in Business. For the past three years she has been a Producer and Presenter of EMTV's premium business program, Business PNG.

Leanne Jorari