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June 13, 2021
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Once a peaceful town turns into a battleground

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By Charmaine Poriambep

Alotau…a PNG paradise, turned into terror and a once peaceful town turned into a battleground.

Just last month, the hospital staff at the Alotau General Hospital held a protest March in Alotau Town, after a female staff was sexually abused by a group of men.

In April, a catholic priest was attacked in his own home.

And the worst possible scenario happened yesterday when families of police officers serving the town ran for their lives because their homes got burnt down by criminals.


The fight has now become personal for police, as they also fight to protect their families who have been displaced when criminals burnt down 14 houses at the IPL barracks.

According to the Acting Divisional Commander for Southern Region, Chief Inspector Rigga Neggi the families of these police officers spent the night at the Alotau Town Police Station.

Since the incident happened yesterday, Milne Bay parliamentary leaders are yet to announce their next course of action.

Only the Alotau MP has come out on the social media page, Alotau District, saying he has asked for an SOE to be declared in Alotau.

Being quiet about the huge elephant in the room is now gone too far with Robert Igara, calling for the Milne Bay Governor, Sir John Luke Critten to resign and for the other Members of the Provincial Assembly to elect a new Governor, who will lead the Province out of this crisis.

Robert Igara

Many residents of Alotau have also taken to social media calling on the leaders to LISTEN.

Whether the leaders are choosing the “Golden Silence” response or not, one thing is for sure, the criminals are pushing an unknown agenda and are the leaders LISTENING.

The deafening silence is affecting many peaceful residents and business houses in the town, Kaione..

Police reinforcement from Port Moresby is now on the ground with hopes of restoring normalcy and hunting and capturing the criminals, who are still at large.

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