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Olsem Wanem – Episode 7, 2016

In this episode:

The 8th Of March marks international women’s day.
Now, one way to empower women is through literacy. Papua New Guinean women often find themselves less equal to men when they do not have the ability to read and write.
For women who are both illiterate and unemployed the struggle is real, when they are not the ones making the money.
We visit the Anglicare Adult literacy school, where women are taught literacy skills.

We also feature the story of a woman who had her education cut short in grade 6, just because her father didn’t approve of her going to school, she got married moved out of the village to the city, and life was not easy. She later had to raise 5 children on her own.

And in a society where women endure some of the most extreme levels of violence, where men are viewed superior than women, and gender equality remains far from reality, we come across a young Papua New Guinean man, at the age of just 25, he has spent the past 4 years advocating on women’s rights and gender equality. How often do we find young Papua New Guinean men advocating for women’s rights and gender equality?

In the last segment we talk about how a father’s relationship to his daughter can, influence her academic performance, her career success and financial well- being.

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