Olsem Wanem – Episode 16, 2014

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We look at provincial revenue and expenditure. It is obvious that the more money you have, the more you are able to afford a variety of different things. Likewise, not all provinces are equal. There are provinces in the country that have more revenue than others.

Provinces get their revenues from


1. Grants

2. Royalties

3. Dividend

4. And other internal revenue


Therefore, provinces receive their funding from both national grants and internal revenue.


There are provinces that receive more funding than others. However, the importance and relevance of funding is how it is distributed and spent to cater for priority areas and service delivery needs.


Between 2010 and 2012, NEFC identified top five provinces that demonstrated sustained financial discipline in allocating and spending funds in the right areas to support service delivery.


These top five provinces are


1. Simbu

2. Manus

3. Milne Bay

4. And Western Highlands


Simbu Province for one highly depends on national grants but has topped the country in three consecutive years. This is a strong indication that lower funded provinces are targeting priority sectors in service delivery.


While higher funded provinces are found on the bottom of the ladder.


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