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Olsem Wanem – Episode 10, 2016

In this episode:
We place the spotlight on East New Britain’s fight against homebrew and marijuana trade in the province. Both rendered as two of the main causes of PNG’s law and order issues. But those who are involved in this underground trade say, the government should provide alternative means to support their lives, if it’s serious about addressing the country’s law and order problems. It left many people questioning, what, we as a country is doing wrong? But it’s a question that seems to have various answers to. Economic struggles and social disharmony are some answers to this question. Apart from homebrew and marijuana we also highlight the land care program by the provincial government in an attempt to reduce risks of land shortage. Environment experts in the province believe that East New Britain will face a severe land shortage in the next 10 years if soil erosion is not treated as a matter of urgency. Environment experts say, the chances of losing land to soil erosion is far greater than losing it to any other forms of disasters.

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