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Nupiri Defends Appointment Process

PNG Power Board Chairman, Peter Nupiri has expressed disappointment at the manner in which the PNG Energy Workers Association responded to the appointment of Flaggon Bekker as Managing Director of PNG Power Limited. Flaggon Bekker was appointed last month and takes up this role in September.

Nupiri highlighted the stringent appointment process and the attributes they look for in an ideal candidate for this position.

“While sourcing for the Managing Director role, key competences specific to the industry include strong leadership, qualification and extensive experience in commercial, energy engineering, undertaken successful reform in the energy sector and appreciation of local culture,” said Mr Nupiri.

Nupiri said it is baseless to claim that these prerequisites in the ideal candidate were not considered.

He further stated that “the announcement of the appointment of Mr. Flagon Bekker, as Managing Director is the result of a comprehensive and transparent recruitment process facilitated by the Kumul Consolidated Holdings and a credible recruitment firm. Candidates included national and non-national applicants. In accordance with protocol, the recommendation submission was endorsed by the PNG Power Board, KCH, subsequently approved by the National Executive Council and effected by a National Gazette Notice. The announcement to the PNG Power Staff and Public was made after my Board followed all due process and acceptance of the MD post by Mr. Bekker.

“I am disappointed that PNGEWA continue to misinform the public without factual information”.

He said PNG Power just like any other business is going through a challenging time and the PNGEWA should have consulted the board and management of PPL before taking this to the media as it does not help the company at all.

He also denied claims by PNGEWA that staff benefits have not been paid. He said PPL has maintained its staff salaries and allowances despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.

However, Chairman Nupiri admitted that PPL continues to face challenges with significant investment required to improve PPL’s aging infrastructure and improved access to electricity.

He said PNG Power loses revenue in excess of K100 million annually through illegal connections and power theft and under his leadership, the company is now focused on improving the internal controls on Standard Operating Procedures to address this.

“Significant, exceptional and collective effort by all staff, management and the Board commenced to rewire the organisation from years of poor management resulting in its current state of brokenness. A journey that started more than two years ago and is in progress.

We urge the PNGEWA to stop making misleading statements nor allow themselves be used by the politics of the day but work with PNG Power on strategic initiatives to reform the organisation. A simple example such as putting our collective effort to stop illegal connections, etc,” said Mr Nupiri.

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