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NiuPower Limited Donate Water Tanks to Surrounding Communities

Water is a basic necessity for life on this planet. Without it, there would not be life.

Imagine having running water, available only several hours a day, sometimes once a day in a whole week. That is the reality for people in Porebada village.

With a population of ten thousand and very little water supplied into the community, Porebada village is in need of water.

The village is located along the Motuan coastline, a little outside the Capital City Port Moresby.

But being so close to the thriving capital hub of the country has not been of much help in recent years.

Empty water drums waiting to be filled

The issue of water and access to clean drinking water is a huge hurdle for the village, and there’s no telling, that the problem is faced by neighboring villages as well.

The increasing development and buildup of industrial companies along the corridor roads from Boera, Porebada, Papa, Lealea and all the way to Kido contributes to the issue of water shortage in these communities.

The villagers receive low water pressure, resulting in a much less supply of the basic necessity. This is concerning for them, because while industrial companies need water to operate business, people need water to survive.

There are 12 water taps in the village. These taps only supply water for several hours in a day and then stop. When it stops, the villagers sometimes wait 5-6 days before water runs through the taps again.

Water cart carrying water into Porebada village.

During the time of EMTV’s visit to Porebada, the taps were dry.
Because of this, the people usually rely on water carts. Truckloads of water gallons drive through the village at times during the week. Supplying water to the people. But even this service, comes at a cost.

K2 per fill of 10 litres. Having an amount of at least K2 on hand, ensures there will be drinking water for at least one household for a day.

This is another concern for the village people. Those without jobs are unable to have K2 every day. Without K2, villagers cannot buy water from the water carts… so they wait on the taps.

For the village of Porebada and its people, waiting on water taps is like living on borrowed time, demand is high, but delivery is very slow. Containers are placed near the taps, waiting expectantly and hoping that it pours.

But some relief is being provided by recently established electricity generator NiuPower Limited.
A company half owned by Oilsearch and half owned by Kumul Petroleum Holdings.

“Although our project is on a state lease, we still treat the nearby communities as our people”, said NiuPower’s External Affairs Manager, Wellington Bellawa.

NiuPower limited has recognised the need of Porebada village and the surrounding communities and brought some relief by donating much needed water tanks.

Tank handover ceremony at Porebada village.

So far NiuPower Limited has donated three water tanks to Porebada village and just recently on Thursday (November 19) donated another three water tanks to Papa village.

Bellawa says NiuPower plans to donate three more water tanks to Porebada and Papa village before the year ends.

“One of NiuPower’s program is to support communities with clean drinking water, as water is a vital need for survival and the best way we can do immediately is to provide water tanks.” said Bellawa.

Bellawa says the water tanks are given to the communities at the request of the councillors and what NiuPower does is ask the community what they need and NiuPower delivers.

During a handover ceremony of the tanks to Papa Village recently, Reform Church Pastor, Joseph Baeau, in thanking NiuPower Limited said the timely donation of three water storage tanks is like a clue to a puzzle.

Ps Joseph Ata Baeau, Reform Pastor, Papa Village.

“Our water woes are now somewhat solved. Indeed NiuPower has enhanced our accessibility to clean drinking water.”

Ps Baeau added that in this way, Papa village views NiuPower Limited as a catalyst for change, in as far as household water storage and sourcing is concerned.

“There’s a common byline that goes, Water Is Life, anything to do with water has everything to do with life. It cannot be measured by any amount of money spent, but by the impact it has on lives of those that truly depend on it.” Ps Baeau concluded.

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