New Recruits Pack March

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Over 60 new recruits fromthe Papua New GuineaDefense Force took part in a pack march this morning in Port Moresby to completethe last phase oftheir training.

The recruits have been under intensive military training for the past three months at Brown River and Kwikila.

The new recruits begantheir pack march from Waigani through Hohola and ended atthe Taurama barracks.


A total of four platoons were onthe road withtheir full gear.


Head training officer, Captain Mok Valentine, said this march isthe last phase oftheir training before passing out.


“It’s just to seetheir professions inthese drills whichthey will be applying intheir career as a soldier inthe defence force,” he said.

Captain Mok saysthe 3-phase intensive training ends with this pack march drill. The drills include sandbag carry, ammo box, trailer push and stretcher carries.


The new recruits will pass-out in a pass-out parade on Friday.

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