New reading books to boost learning

Car Memorial Adventist Primary School received a special blessing from Beadwin Publishers (PNG) Limited last Friday.


The local publisher presented reading books published bPNG authors tothe school to enhancethe learning of students’

Schools acrosPNG lack reading materials to aidthe Outcome Besed Curriculum.


Complicated teaching methods and concepts would become understandable through a lot of self-paced reading by students’


Curriculum Advocator Fegsley Risapi said students’should read and acquire a culture of reading.


“It is important for the children to read,” said Risapi.

Mr Risapi added that reading must be promoted in all schools.


Parents and Citizenship Chairman Andrew Solomon said reading will change students’rsquo; ability to speak, listen and write better English.


“We didn’trsquo;t spend any money to buythe books, it came through God’s Grace,” said Solomon.

“You Children must make use ofthe books, and teachers must find time to teach children to read books.”

The books donated include reading materials for Grades 3 to 8.


Mr Solomon and Deputy Headmistress Nida Brand receivedthe books on behalf ofthe school administration.

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