New Mt. Hagen Luxury Hotel to Boost Tourism in Province

by Bethanie Harriman – EM TV News, Mt.Hagen 

A new hotel has opened in Mt. Hagen, another addition to the Western Highlands tourism destination.

McRoyal Hotel is one of Mt. Hagen’s new luxuary hotels built by a family who is serious about contributing to the country’s tourism sector.

McRoyal’s owner, Leckson Wantaki, speaks of a joint effort by Western Highlands businessmen to build the sustainable sector that can provide jobs and money for the economy.

“On a personal level we built it for our children, but on the bigger scale we bring in revenue for the province and the country when tourists come,” said Wantaki.

He engaged close friend and owner of Niwak Mission Resort, Andrew Tants, to run the hotel.

Tants has over 10 years experience in the hotel business.

“I believe in people, you have the right people who are multi-skilled working behind you, serving your customers better you make a profit,” said Tants.

The third largest economic centre, agricultural hub and the biggest city in the Highlands region, Mt. Hagen contributes immensely to the tourism sector.

In the last five years, the sector has been marred by law and order problems that plague the city.

But, there is still development in the sustainable sector, on Saturday National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, opened the new luxury hotel.

“Our oil, gas and minerals are subjected to world prices, so as the world economy grinds down, it affects their prices, we need to diversify our economy into tourism, we haven’t been investing into it,” said Parkop.

The new hotel gives more possibilities for the growth and development of the Western Highlands tourism sector.

The Western Highlands doesn’t have the mines, oil or gas but it has fertile land to supply fresh produce for any tourist-filled restaurant.

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