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New Life Long Flu Vaccine Nears Its Development Stage

by Marie Kauna – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

A research study conducted by two separate US teams has identified a method which could help develop a lifelong flu vaccine for any type of influenza.

In its research phase, trials were conducted on mice, ferrets and monkeys to identify how a lifelong flu vaccine can be developed to treat the infection. The study trial results have shown promising outcomes that confirm the vaccine is at its worthwhile being further developed.

While animal testing results look promising, researchers still look forward to trying out the method on humans to see its effectiveness before it being approved for use.

According to Professor Sarah Gilbert, Professor of Vaccinology at University of Oxford “this is an exciting development, but the new vaccine now needs to be tested in clinical trials to see how well they work in humans.”

Trials were also conducted with the bird flu virus H5N1 and proved to be effective. Professor John Howard, a flu expert at the University of London says “this latest work seems particularly promising”, and called the results a “red letter day” for science.

In support, Professor Gilbert said “this will be the next stage of research”, and will take some years to finally get a better flu vaccine for humans.

The study results now bring new hope for the researchers on developing a better vaccine that will cover a pandemic virus and help people affected with the flu virus.

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