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May 19, 2021
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NCD’s Largest Compensation

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A total of K112,000, including eight pigs, has been given away by a group of Western Highlanders as a form compensation payment to Southern Highlanders in Port Moresby.

This follows from the death of a Port Moresby International School student from Southern Highlands in a car accident last year.

The reconciliation ceremony that happened next to the Kone Tigers Oval was recorded as the largest compensation payment in Port Moresby.

The Elti Pilambe tribe of Hagen Central in Western Highlands province paid K70,000 including seven pigs as the final compensation to Joe Alopia from Ialibu in Southern Highlands province over the death of his son.

EMTV News understands that the deceased, Isaiah Alopia, was killed in a car accident last year at Sogeri outside of Port Moresby.

The vehicle was owned by John Moxie from the Elti Pilambe tribe.

Following the incident a first payment made of K42,000 and a pig last year as ‘bel kol’ payment or peace talk.

Although compensation is not recognised under the law as per section 390(a) of the criminal code, it is seen by many as a mediating process and an accepted norm in PNG culture.

NCD Attentive Dispute Resolution and Peace Mediation Coordinator, Chief Sergeant Ben Isakuma, said after heated argument this has prompted the NCDC peace and good order committee to intervene to bring peace and harmony between the two parties.

On understanding that a life was lost, the Elti Pilambe tribe has agreed to make a final payment to the deceased parent and relatives.

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