NCD Property Sold, Family Displaced

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Two Weeks after receiving an eviction letter, the Elavo Family at Hohola 3 are still seen living on the remaining of what once used to be their family home.

The Elavo family was left homeless after their brother, Paul Elavo, sold the property in February last year to a known Chinese person.

The family remains at the area, awaiting eviction and waiting to oversee the demolishing of their late father’s house.

According to Margaret Elavo, her brother, Paul Elavo, had sold the property to a G.E Development without their knowledge. She said the Police have visited them on Thursday to ask them to move out of the area.

The family told EMTV two weeks ago that, they were being offered K50,000, by the person who brought the property, and to sign certain documents containing certain conditions.

Margret said what has been done, is done. All that has to be done now is for her brother, Paul; to come forward and assist the family as his actions has left 4 generations of the Elavo’s down-and-out.

While Margaret and her husband, children and grandchildren have found a place to rent, her brother and other family members have not moved out.

The situation has caused insecurity for the family and the children have missed out on school for the past weeks,as they face uncertainty in the coming days.


Staycey Yalo

Journalist, Staycey Yalo has been working with EMTV since October, 2017. She graduated in 2017 from the University of Papua New Guinea with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations. Staycey's experience extends to three years in the Print media covering Politics and Education.

Staycey Yalo

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