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The Inaugural Central Music Festival which started on Friday 24th of May will end today, with Gospel singers entertaining and keeping audience hyped with their harmonious and melodious hymns.

A huge crowd turn-up since the beginning, showcasing support and resilient for their favourite local artists as it’s the first of its kind hosted in the province.

Many attendees and Musicians praised the event as it draws everyone together from different parts of Central and NCD to showcase their artwork as well as promoting tourism, Arts and Culture, including agriculture produce, floriculture and many more.

“Most people showcased their Arts and Craft and local produce as it’s an opportunity for them” an attendee Annette Maira said.

A household name in PNG Music Industry Betty Toea, expressed gratitude for the event and underscores the importance of music in the province.

She encourages upcoming musicians to continue the legacy set by the legends.

 Another artist Sue Ivirage also encourages the artists to join Central Music Association as the association was formed basically to unite them together.

The festival was the brain child of Central Governor Rufina Peter to unite Central people through Music hence the Central Music Association has delivered it for the first time.

The event was supported by Central Provincial Government, Telikom Limited and others.

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