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Mori: Basamuk Press Reports Misleading

The recent Cabinet reshuffle has seen a change in the Environment & Conservation Minister and in taking over from Geoffrey Kama; Newly appointed state minister Wera Mori did not mince his words moving straight onto the most pending issue at hand; the Basamuk Slurry Spill Incident in Madang.

Backtracking and making reference to one of the articles published in one of the local dally earlier this week; of scientist, Ms Kolkolo revealing that samples collected in the surrounding seas was contaminated as a result of the slurry spillage from the Basamuk processing plant.

The minister refuting the claims and statements done in relation to any conclusions or observations on the status of the environment of Madang following the Madang provincial government deliberations.

“I refer to the articles on one of the dailies and news broadcast of one of the TV stations. They contain incorrect information and feature information which may be misleading and I wish to correct them.”

Adding that an independent investigation team is in the process of conducting its investigations.

“The independent investigating team is the process of conducting its investigations and as such refutes any claims done in relation to any conclusions on the status of the environment of Madang Province following the Madang Provincial Government deliberations of 06th to 09th November, 2019.”

The Prime Minister having recently called for an interagency approach to conduct a much wider and comprehensive investigations into the impacts of the Ramu Nickel Mine, the findings will be presented to Cabinet, Parliament and relevant stakeholders.

“CEPA’s nominated independent team will continue to work from a neutral and professional standpoint to support the cause and by undertaking the independent investigations on the slurry spill and its impact it has been requested to conduct.”

Meanwhile community leaders around the affected coasts and islands of Madang are calling on CEPA, the government and relevant authorities to speed up the slurry spill investigations in Basamuk and further reassurance by given to the people of Madang about their livelihood and only source of income.

Kamal Naus, who is a Community leader says the people lives depend on the sea for their daily livelihood and income.

“We appeal to the government and relevant authorities to speed up investigations and give a message of reassurance to our people that their livelihood is sustained into the future.”

By Annette Kora, EMTV News, Port Moresby

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