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More Awareness On Cancer Needed


A founder of a small organisation based in Lae who has been engaged in helping cancer patients at the Papua New Guinea Cancer Treatment facility, Michael Daure, says more people needed to be aware so that they can go for testing.

Michael Daure, formed the association after the passing of his father at the Angau General hospital in 2009.

Through his experience of losing his dad, he dedicated his time and own resources in helping patients at the hospital in particular those at the cancer ward.

But, he says more needs to be done in terms of awareness. Information needs to reach the people especially in the rural areas.

Daure, says the government has failed to help its people in terms of providing the best equipment and drugs for its cancer patients in the country.

More effort is needed in the fight against cancer. He added while those who can afford go overseas to get treatment while limited attention has been given to those who cannot afford treatment overseas.

In the last three months there has been a public outcry over the limited attention given to the PNG Cancer Treatment Facility here in Lae.

Patients have came out on the media, calling on the government to help rescue the unit.

The public outcry has also prompted the health minister, Michael Malabag, to come out on the media last month saying the PNG government has already come up with a plan to solve the cancer problem.

Malabag said the National Health Department will need K15 million annually to provide decent treatment for cancer patients in the country.

He said there are other treatments available include; surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and anti-cancer drugs in the Port Moresby General Hospital, and the Angau Memorial hospital.

While Malabag’s response looked promising, for now the PNG Centre Unit is in dire need of an oncologist.

There are about 25 patients currently admitted at the cancer unit whom are still waiting to undergo radiotherapy treatment.

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Billy N 07/03/2017 at 21:17

The Minister for Health does not even know about the status of the Lae Cancer Treatment Center. Patients are being treated with morphine to ease the pain that is very traumatizing whilst waiting for much needed medicines to treat cancer cells. This government is very professional in making grand standing statements which is 4 years late.

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