Minister Pok: No Gas Content for Local Use

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Petroleum Minister, Fabian Pok, has admitted that there are no policies to allow gas to be used for local content.

Minister Pok says the Government is now pushing for a new policy so gas projects will supply a proportion for local production. The Minister was responding to questions by Gulf Governor, Chris Haiveta, during the Questions without Notice in Parliament.

With Gulf to see two major gas fields produce gas within the next 5 years, Governor Haiveta wants to see Gulf benefit directly. Governor Haiveta says the Oil & Gas Act must capture local content.

“We must have some use of our own gas, right now that is not the case,” said Governor Haiveta.

Minister Pok admitted that currently there is no domestic obligation by Gas projects operating in the country. He says the new Oil and Gas Act is before NEC.

“We local content for use of gas in the country will be captured after NEC passes the new Oil and Gas Act,” said Minister Pok.

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