Media Council Secretary Belinda Kora addresses fake news and journalist harassment in PNG

By Meleasie Goviro – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Observing World Press Freedom day yesterday, Media Council Secretary Belinda Kora highlighted key issues faced by journalist in the country. The surge in fake news, social media and harassment of journalists were some of the challenges that made the list.

Kora said the escalation of fake news generated on social media especially, constantly challenges the integrity of news published on the mainstream media. She urged journalists to maintain a higher and reputable standard in journalism by verifying their facts thoroughly before publishing anything.

Frankie Kapin, a journalist who suffered harassment earlier this year said he met his fate when he was accused of publishing fake news. Cases like Kapins are becoming increasingly popular in PNG.

Kora said while people may not know the role of a journalist, it is also incumbent on the journalists themselves to recognise their rights and speak up.

Kora suggested that moving forward, media houses should also consider taking journalist currently studying in universities under their wings, and teach them the same principles before they graduate.

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