Margarima Hospital Needs Equipment

A Margarima District Hospital Nurse says the hospital needs equipment to fully operate.

Roslyn Andaiya says patients are not being treated, and have to be referred to Mendi Hospital. The Rural Hospital was built for over fifty thousand people in the area.


The new Magarima district hospital's corridors are supposed to be busy with patients, but is empty. Patients seeking treatment are being referred to Mendi because, the K9 million hospital doesn’t have medicine or equipment.


A senior Nurse, Roslyn Andaiya, says the facility operates lonely as a health center.

“We don’t have equipment, so we are operating like an Health Centre,” she says.


Before the hospital was built, patients’ sought treatment at a small makeshift center, with six small rooms, used to house health services for over 50 thousand people. But that was supposed to change after revenue from the LNG Project was used, to build the new hospital. It hasn’t happened and the doors of the x-ray, family planning, HIV and even the maternity ward are locked.


The nurses say they have had an impressive success rate in baby deliveries. “Only two babies have died and one still born was brought in from a village,” says Andaiya. But cleaner and safer rooms are needed, except, they remain shut, until funds are made available to buy the equipment.


Whether the district administration or the provincial government will buy this equipment’s, is creating confusion amongst the people. But it’s understood that the district is paying for a full time doctor, to reside at the district hospital.

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