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September 26, 2020
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Marape: Do More for PNG

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September the 16th 2019 marked 110 days since the formation of the Marape-Steven Government, and that period of time has seen a change in perception by many Papua New Guineans who have grown weary of being second class citizens in their own land.

The “Take Back PNG” slogan has now become infused within the PNG ethos at present. Something that the Prime Minister has said, will lead to a better attitude in development.

Oro Governor, Gary Juffa (seated right) is largely to credit for the “Take Back PNG” slogan

“In my mind, the first and foremost is to ensure that we not only celebrate political independence during September 16 but full economic independence as well. Our nation is endowed with all forms of tropical fisheries and marine resources, all forms of tropical agricultural resources, abundance sunshine and water, mineral and petroleum resources. We also have talented Human Resources.”

Yet he would admit also the shortcomings

Uneven distribution of resources has been a plague to the nation’s growth, lack of quality development, under performance of resource a harvest, squandering of resources through corruption and complacency, non-functional systems of government.

But maintaining a positive outlook has always been a Marape trait. And he stated that, the achievement of the goals the government had in place, would also depend on the PNGs citizens as well. Placing the responsibility of growth of the people, by the people, for the people.

“To make this happen we must all pledge in unison that where ever we are placed in PNG, we will rise and shine to do our utmost best for our country.”

This in mind there is also the bilateral ties that he believes will further boost PNG.

“We are closer to the Asia Pacific market then most and with our membership to APEC, our association with ASEAN. Our healthy bilateral relationship with nations like Australia, China, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Great Britain, USA and EU nations. All of the above gives us good opportunities to do well.”

The 44th celebration of PNGs independence in 2019 provided for the people to direct their energy into a positive stance.

All across the nation and more so in the capital Port Moresby, were scenes of joy and excitement, far different to the year before.

But the reality remains.

Papua New Guinea does have low quality of education, and a large percentage of its citizens do live in poverty and dilapidated infrastructure is quite evident,  and more recently lawless is on the rise in certain communities.

But despite the many negatives that persevere, the outlook remains positive.

And to that extent, the tenet of making PNG the richest black Christian nation in the world, may still hold high credibility.

Jeremy Mogi, EMTV Online, Port Moresby

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