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October 16, 2021
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Manam Eviction being Discussed

Talks are underway to have Manam islanders living at the Mangem care center in Bunabun of Sumkar District evicted by the end of June.

Sumkar MP, Chris Nangoi, received a petition from the Bunabun community leaders and will make submissions to the NEC today.

Nangoi will also be consulting the Minister for Inter-Government Relations and executives of the Manam Restoration Authority before the eviction will take effect.

The plan to evict the islanders follows the recent killing of are youth last month which had led to a clash between the islanders and the locals of Bunabun were properties and food gardens were destroyed.

A community Leader from Bunabun Daniel Dadar, says it is the government’s responsibility to send them back since they were brought to Bunabun by the government.

Dadar says frustration has built up over the past 16 years and locals are fed up and want Manam islanders to return to their District.

Madang provincial police commander, Mazuc Rubiang has already prepared an eviction plan for the operation to move the islanders and awaits Sumkar and Bogia MPs to carry out the operation.

By Martha Louis, EMTV News – Madang.

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