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May 26, 2022

Magistrates Commend NFA for Conservation of Resources

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in collaboration with National Fisheries Authority (NFA) held a workshop for the judicial staff in PNG in Madang this week. The workshop brought to light the various technologies used by NFA to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and also how to manage and conserve Papua New Guinea’s fisheries resources effectively.

A lot of people do not understand whether or not fishing vessels are monitored, traced, apprehended and convicted. During the presentation the magistrates and other judicial staff were informed of the roles and management measure taken by NFA especially to enforce laws to fight against IUU activities in the waters of PNG and the exclusive economic zones (EEZ).

“We are very impressed with the systems and management tools developed, fully integrated and adopted by NFA for the conservation and management of fisheries resources,” said Patanoia Tirese, Principle Magistrate of Kimbe District Court.

Principle Magistrate of Port Moresby District Court Magisterial Services, John Kaumi said that NFA’s vessel monitoring system (VMS) management system is critical and this is an eye opener for all his colleague magistrates especially at the bench for them to know the technology in collecting evidences, principally to manage the fisheries and marine resources. Mr Kaumi thanked NFA for the informative workshop.

“This is an eye opener for those of us sitting on the bench to know and go with the technology so that we are fully aware of how evidence is collected through the systems that are in place. It will allow us to position ourselves well in terms of dealing with fisheries matters.” Kaumi stated.

These sentiments were expressed after a comprehensive presentation by Mr David Karis, Vessel Monitoring and Surveillance Manager of NFA. Karis presented how the on how the vessels are monitored and how effectively fisheries laws are enforced through this system. Mr Karis said that all fishing activities are fully monitored through VMS systems.

VMS is a satellite surveillance system primarily used to monitor the location and movement of commercial fishing vessels. The system uses satellite-based communications from on-board transceiver units, which certain vessels are required to carry. The transceiver units send position reports that include vessel identification, time, date, and location, and are mapped and displayed on the end user’s computer screen. VMS is used to support law enforcement initiatives and to prevent violations of laws and regulations.

Image Source: Australian Fisheries Management Authority


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