Madang Institutions Urged to submit plans

The Madang Covid19 response team is warning higher institutions to submit a comprehensive plan on their preventative measures before they can reopen classes.

Dr Juith Gawi, says institutions must present their plans for the technical team to evaluate to make sure all requirements are met before they can resume classes on the 27thof April.

Gawi warned, institutions that do not meet the requirements set by the technical team will not be allowed to resume classes.

This morning Dr Juith Gawi told head teachers and representatives from higher institutions in Madang he will not allow institutions to resume without any plans in place.

Marine Time College is the only institution in the province with a comprehensive plan that the covid19 technical team has evaluated and had given them permission to resume classes.

Lutheran School of Nursing  Principal, Stella Agut says though yet to submit their plans to the technical team as already impose preventative measures in the school and are ready to resume classes.

The principal informed the COVID19 Technical team this morning, they had suspended all classes and had put in place all preventative measures required.

According to the principal all theory lessons were put forward to this semester while practical lessons especially clinical are suspended until further notice.

Madang provincial health authority has written a letter to Divine Word University advising the institute the hospital would not be able to cater for its clinical replacement students for this year.

Dr Sammy Thomas of the Madang Provincial Health Authority says this is because the hospital is down with staff and would not be able to teach them.

The hospital will not be able to protect the students and if there is a confirmed case in Madang the students may easily spread the virus.


by Martha Louis, EMTV News, Madang

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