Londolovit Urban Primary School now has its very own library

A library full of books is something that schools throughout the developed world take for granted. 

However, on Lihir Island, the only school with a library is the Newcrest Mining (Lihir) funded international school – until now that is! 

Lauren White

Thanks largely to the perseverance and very big heart of Lauren White,  wife of Anitua Mining Services’ Adam White and Lihir resident, the Londolovit Urban Primary School now has its very own library, almost overflowing with 2,000 books donated by ‘Books for PNG Kids’. 

The library, a shipping container donated by Newcrest, was refurbished by Anitua Constructions and has 7.5 metres of shelving, lights and air conditioning. 

There’s also a covered deck at the front with wrap around bench seating for the children. 

Lauren not only lobbied and coordinated key stake holders in order for the library to become a reality but she also 

Lauren has been busily thanking everyone for their contributions towards the library but there is no one that deserves more thanks than her.  Lihir has been blessed with Lauren who in turn has helped bless some of its children with a bounty of books.provided the school’s head teacher with a simple library borrowing system and a reading program to take advantage of the new books. 

– As told to EM TV Online by Anitua, Lihir, New Ireland


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