Local Scientists Invite Government for More Dialogue

by Theckla Gunga – EM TV News, Port Moresby

Papua New Guinean scientists have challenged the Department of State Investment and Public Enterprise to establish proper discussions with them in order to develop the renewable resources sector in the country.

At an energy conference in Port Moresby today, different experts from the field of science presented talks on how each renewable resource can be used to provide electricity for rural PNG.

These scientists in a collective statement told Public Enterprise and State Investment Minister, Ben Micah, that the government should not look far when engaging scientists in building an energy system, but instead consult local scientists.  

Much focus was on how these science experts can assist the government in providing clean energy options to consumers.

So far the government, in partnership with PNG Power, has installed electricity in a number of districts.  

However, on a global scale, PNG is still lagging far behind having a modern energy system.

Minister Micah said his department is working on a new policy that will look at establishing a clean energy supply in the country. A system that is clean, renewable and accessible to average citizens.

“This (energy) policy focuses on developing the renewable resources. It will set up an independent regulator that will monitor the system,” Micah said.

This inaugural conference has brought together industry experts, funding agencies and sector development partners to discuss and improve the energy system.

Papua New Guinea is one country that has potential in over five renewable resources that can generate electricity for the country.

Minister Micah says talks on developing these renewable resources are ongoing and once the policy is passed in parliament, it will provide a guideline for the department to use in developing the sector. 

However, local scientists want the government to establish dialogue with them as a way forward for the sector. 

They said the conference has paved way for a better understanding between the difference organizations, and will lead to proper dialogue to achieve the government’s 2050 vision for the renewable sector.

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