Lareva Buai Market Chaos

Producers of Betel Nut (Beai) fromthe Gulf and Central Province have warned authorities andthe national government thatthe buai ban imposed inthe nation’s capital is getting out of hand and a win-win solution for all is needed immediately.


Producers and consumers had a bitter argument overthe drastic pricing arrangements yesterday at one of its designated markets in Port Moresby, Lareva market.

The Lareva market inthe Hohola suburb of Port Moresby is one out ofthe six designated markets for the sale and consumption ofthe betel nut followingthe buai ban onthe 1st of October 2013.


A lot fromthe Gulf Province and Mekeo inthe Central Province were locked down in a yard atthe Lareva market this morning wondering whther to selltheir produce and return totheir villages empty handed or just accept what was offered bythe consumers and have a decent meal before returning empty handed totheir villages.


Todaythe drastic drop inthe price of betel nut has not only angeredthe producers but it has leftthem stranded.


A 10 kilogram went for 10 kina while 50 kg at 30 kina. The mustard bundles were going for 20 kina.


“It has really affected us, what we spent is hard for us to recoup it,” said Aike Avosa, Beai producer from Gulf Province.

No one complained aboutthe buai ban imposed by NCD Governor Powes Parkop though, allthey wanted was thatthe price be regulated by responsible authorities and not individuals or caretakers appointed by NCDC.


“It took me seven to eight hours and paidthPMV K100, but having forced to sell my 10kg buai bags at K10 is not money at all&hellipthere’s no profit,” said Bernard Ainaua, Beai producer from Mekeo, Central Province.

The producers begged authorities and responsible lLeadersto keeptheir promises on providing conducive market places and pricing conditions amongst thers.


For nowthey said to live withthe struggles, but urged NCD Governor andtheir local MP’sto address this matter as soon as possible.

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