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Lae’s Inaugural Flower Show Attracts Crowds

By Lucy Kopana – EMTV News, Lae

Lae’s Inaugural Flower and Garden show attracted up to thirty participants, and an even bigger crowd over the weekend.

Participating groups came from as far as Ramu, Bulolo and Wau. The three-day event became an avenue for groups to display and showcase their plants, skills and creativity.

Chairperson of the Flower Show, Anna Wissink, said the turn out was “above and beyond the expectations.”

Despite being told that there was not going to be any monetary prizes, the groups went and gave their best.

“It was about them showcasing their talents and how they can create their gardens and how they have all this creativity in their minds and they wanted to show that” Mrs. Wissink said.

Michael Lovave, a judge at the show and curator of the Botanical Gardens said it was difficult because effort and creativity put into each stall was overwhelming.

“The Mothers have their own imagination, they want how their set up would be like, and when they put that into reality, it was difficult to assess”, Mr. Lovave said.

All groups were given participation ribbons while winners of various categories were awarded. However, there could only be one overall winner.

Lae Fire Service Women were awarded as winners for their displayed them the “Botanic Dining Garden.”

Their display captured that of a garden restaurant. With flowers placed along the entrance, a gray tarpaulin was laid on the grass lined with small rocks. This formed a pathway into the garden with a decorated dining table.

When asked where the inspiration came from, team leader, Joyce Kepi, said it was from the stories told about the Botanical Gardens and how beautiful it looked in the past.

“It is a dream and a vision that if we have a garden like this inside the Lae Botanical Garden, it would be really good”.

Kepi said it was the team’s first time to participate in such an event, and the win came as a surprise.The group was formed to encourage the wives of fire fighters to earn an income through flori-culture.

 Mrs. Wissink said although there were only three overall winners, all the stalls were very creative.

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