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Lae’s West Taraka Youths Surrender Home-Brew Equipment

Youths from the West Taraka community in Lae city today surrendered their home-brew equipment to police.

This move comes after numerous instances of petty crimes and killings were reported in the community this year.

Youth leaders have called for more support from the community and police to eradicate home-brew production in the community.

Petty crimes and fights have resulted in lives being lost and several men and women have becoming victims.

The latest, was the killing of a man last week, which prompted community leaders to mobilize, to stop the consumption and selling of homebrew in West Taraka.

Former West Taraka councillor Peter Wagu and community leaders joined forces with the police and called on youths to surrender their homebrew producing equipment.

The move seemed   quite difficult for many residents in the community, but it is a step in the right direction, community leaders said.

For women and girls, it was a long-awaited move.

There are up to 20 homebrew producers in the community, and youth leaders have called on them to surrender their equipment.

For the past 15 years, West Taraka has been known as one of the notorious communities in Lae city.

The lack of law and order has seen little business and government presence in the area.

However, the community is doing all it can to contain the lawlessness and other problems it has.

Lae city Lord Mayor Koimtrilu Leahy has also called on the police minister, to look at increasing police manpower and ammunitions at community police stations in Lae.

The presence of 4 policemen at the West Taraka Police station is not enough to contain a population of over 10, 000 people in the community.

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