Lack Of ATM Machines

The increase in the number of BSP Customers nationwide is calling for an increase in the number of ATM Machines.

In provincial capitals like Wewak and Vanimo, customers spend close to two hours standing in line to use the ATM machines. The worst times are during fortnight week especially on Thursdays and Fridays.


To minimize the risk of handling too much cash, BSP has introduced to customers it’s Eftpos service. It is now encouraging customers to use EFTPOS machines when shopping or paying for fuel.


The service also gives small business owners the advantage to keep daily records of their transactions, and they are able to pay for goods and services electronically.


While this may be seen as a way to reduce the risk of carrying too much cash, and spending less time standing in lines, not a lot of customers will benefit from this service.


In rural areas where there are no ATM machines, customers will find it difficult to pay for goods and services.


While BSP is doing its best to provide its customers the banking needs, customers are encouraged to look after the services it provides.

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