Contractor To Enforce Safety In Road Project

RAMU NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd has urged a landowner company from Ramu NiCo Project, Maigari Ltd, to take first priority in its safety standards to ensure all its staff and machinery are safe, so they can deliver the result required.

KBK Mine Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Mr Bill Miname, emphasized that at the end of the day, Ramu NiCo wants to see all landowner employees go home safely.


The 6.2 kilometer road starts from Yamagi in the Ward 31 area of Usino LLG, to Ramu River Bridge or Banu, in the Usino LLG.


Mr. Miname said Ramu NiCo puts safety as its first priority and any contract awarded to any companies including landowner companies, must make sure there is no fatality.


The section of the road has been giving problems to the mine, and the general travelling public, therefore, Ramu NiCo offers the contract with expectations for Maigari Ltd to deliver promptly.


The KBK Mine access road will also benefit people from Usino and Bundi as far as Bundi station, including Brahaman High School, Danagari, Enekuai and other villages.

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