Kutubu High School: Capacity building vital

Kutubu High School board chairman Dabura Kamuna saysthe whole idea of free Education will come to nothing if it is not translated to positive human development.

Forthe management of Kutubu High School, capacity building is vital for human development; educated intellectuals will contribute to a better society.

To achieve thatostaff and students’must have proper learning materials and infrastructure.

The Free Education policy couldn’t come at a better time for Kutubu High School, as it’s into its third stage of infrastructure building, in partnership with Oil Search Limited.

The Free education policy givesthe school more reason to increase its infrastructure and learning capacity. This was made possible throughthe tax credit’scheme instigated bythe Gigira Development Foundation.

A positive outcome fromthe policy, however it meansthere will be an influx of students’ Lack of accommodation, insufficient teaching staff and classrooms are but a few ofthe vital things that need to be looked at immediately.

Mr Kamuna stressed thatthe year of implementation has begun, capacity building must mover in time with it.

Salome VincentoNational EMTV News

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