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Kutubu FC Head Coach Sidelined

Kutubu FC a new team in the Kumul Petroleum National Soccer League Competition, is faced with a dilemma, after losing a few key players including their head coach since the lockdown.

With the National Soccer League season soon to resume its competition pending approval by the pandemic controller, one team is faced with tough times ahead.

Kutubu FC established in 2019, is struggling to perform despite showing some commendable skills on the field.

Three key players of the team that were the back bone of the team have departed after disagreements between them and the team’s management and sponsors.

Experienced campaigner Samuel Kini a former Hekari United player and national rep, attacker Andrew Apo and the goalkeeper Jonathan Pole are the notable departures from the team.

EMTV contacted Coach Matthew Witu for a comment, and Witu confirmed his termination as head coach of the team.

Witu had initially posted on his Facebook page that he was no longer the Coach of Kutubu FC.

Witu said that he was originally suspended for four weeks because of him missing a flight back to Goroka after a night out.

He said the reigns were given to Robert Upaiga, during his sidelining but later found out that he was terminated from the team as Head Coach.

He says he hasn’t had the chance to talk to the management apart from a lone phone conversation.

Witu who resides in Port Moresby said he is stranded in Goroka, with no official assistance by the team’s management and sponsors for him to return to Port Moresby.

Witu had recently posted in the Papua New Guinea National Soccer League page, telling clubs in the competition that the four players were available for recruitment in the third transfer window.

So far only Samuel Kini has landed a place in the Tusbab Stallions team with the other three yet to come out public on their offers.

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