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Kuli Says He will Revive Minj District Headquarters

Anglimp-South Waghi MP, Joe Kuli, has told his people that he will revive the Minj District headquarter.

He said this recently at the swearing in ceremony of the Anglimp-South Waghi District Development Authority in Jiwaka Province.

Five DDA members were sworn in, including the MP as Chairman.

The people of Anglimp-South Waghi electorate gathered at Minj district office for the first time after 30 years, to witness the swearing in ceremony of the District Development Authority members.

Past successive governments never held swearing in ceremonies at the district office and public servants never occupied the office.

Local MP, Joe Kuli told his people that he will revive the district office and ensure the Acting Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Mangro and all the public servants work and serve the people.

The electorate has the largest population of 124,000 people, and they speak at least three languages.

Kuli said to revive the electorate and bring development; he welcomed other candidates who challenged him in the 2017 National election, to bring forward their policies to work together with him.

Kuli also asked his people to change their attitudes and behaviours to accept development.

Meanwhile, the DDA board members are Joe Kuli himself as the Chairman, and other members appointed are Koip Wamil, James Kurup, Paul Kaka, Tony Taka, and women’s rep, Gethrude Kew.

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