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July 31, 2021

Kouza Lashes Out Against Duban Over His Comments

Minister for Community Development, Loujaya Kouza, lashed out at Petroleum Minister Nixon Duban today for his comments on censorship. 

Minister Kouza says they are aware of the problem and things are being done to solve the issue.


It comes after Minister Duban raised concerns about Internet censorship.


Whilst speaking in an almost empty conference room for stakeholders to gather and discuss the 1982 censorship act, Loujaya Kouza lashed out at Petroleum Minister Nixon Duban for his comments about the issue of censorship.


Her outburst comes at a time when stakeholders gathered in Lae to amend this law to suit the new technological advances in society.


Minister Kouza says her department and those organizations tasked to protect children against illicit material are aware, and proper consultation would have been more appropriate.


Kouza also announced that she would like to handover the censorship responsibilities to the Minister for Communications.


The issue of censorship has become a communications problem and needs a more technical approach.


According to the experts, this is the reason for the law to change. A big part of it is due to the amount of Internet access open to social media.


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