Konedobu residents condemn attack by Police and son of State Minister

Residents in Konedobu have filed a complaint with police after suffering severe damages to their property.

Eye witnesses told EMTV News, the son of a Government Minister used police to enter a property forcefully and causing damages to vehicles and buildings in the area.

The residents say though their relative is a suspect following a fight during the New Year celebration and there are proper ways to address such disputes.

According to reports collected by EMTV News, police were in pursuit of one of Kera’s relatives, after a brawl between the son of a prominent State Agency CEO, and a member of the public.

Security personnel of a security firm were present, but did not help stop the fight.

In fear of his life, Kera’s relative headed back to Konedobu. He was then pursued by the son of a senior state minister, accompanied by 5 police vehicles. According to eye witnesses, police made several arrests to anyone that was in the vicinity of the property.

The residents have urged police not to take the law into their hands, and proper procedures must be followed.

Residents will file a report, including estimates to the properties sustained.

A vendor told EMTV news, residents are still living in fear following yesterday’s attack.

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