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Konagil People Eye Oil Palm Project

By Jack Lapauve Jr – EM TV News, Port Moresb

The people of the Konagil Local Level Government (LLG) area in Namatanai District will now be part of a multi-million Kina oil palm project.

Two project sit’s were launched last week under the government’s Public Private Partnership Policy.

Landowners believe the project will bring much needed government services that have been absent for the past 35 years.

Three senior government ministers flew into Silur village on the East Coast of Namatanai to join hands with the people to embrace this new development.

Konagil Agri Development Limited Chairman, Walter Schnaubelt, accompanied Treasury Minister, Patrick Pruaitch, Forest Minister, Douglas Tomuriesa, and Higher National News Minister, Malakai Tabar.

The oil palm project will now be the single largest investment in the Konagil LLG. The project will cover more than 35,000 hectares of land in the Lak and Kandas area.

Local Landowner Company, Konagil Agri Development, and foreign developer Million Plus Corporation will oversee the initial project operations.

The project capital is aprroximately K430 million and will accommodate two oil palm mills.

Locals believe the project will improve infrastructure in the areas of education, roads, health and also provide employment.

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