Klapat: Final Entitlements To Be Issued

Secretary for the Department of Personnel Management, John Kali, confirmed today that the department was preparing final entitlements for the former head of the Department for Community Development, Joseph Klapat.

Mr Kali said that his department recognized cabinet-appointed Secretary, Anna Solomon, after Joseph Klapat was terminated as of March 21st this year.


While the courts have reinstated former Secretary of the Department for Community Development, Joseph Klapat, department of Personnel Management maintains that he has been long replaced with an acting Secretary, in Anna Solomon.


DPM Secretary John Kali, in a phone interview today, said this position will soon be advertised and is substantively vacant.


He said his department was processing his final entitlements. However, he can go through the normal application process when this position is advertised.


Mr Kali said that while the courts found Klapat’s suspension improper, and that he should be reinstated, the cabinet already made a decision to appoint Anna Solomon as Acting Secretary, and he will uphold the cabinet decision.


He said Klapat was terminated as of March 21st, and therefore should not interfere with the department’s operations, pending his final entitlements.


When asked if DPM was aware of two or more people in the Community development department who were paid for the same position, he said his staff was doing an audit, and he will take actions when that audit report is presented to him.


The most likely action he would take, he said, is to remove those illegally on the payroll.


He said only those people appointed by Anna Solomon’s administration should be on payroll.

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