Kirakira Christmas Volleyball Tournament Begins

Kirakira Village inthe Moresby South electorate, decided to celebrate Christmas onthe court with 12 teams participating in two pools.

Players were all smiles asthey marched intothe volleyball courts ready to testtheir skills. Forthe Motu speaking community, this was a family-oriented tournament aimed at bringingthe community togther and celebrating this festive season in style.


The week- long tournament has 12 teams participating in pool A and Be Pool A includes Vamaga 1, Lai Kupis, Dura 2, Vaga 1 Ebko 2 and Popo. Dura 1, Badu, Vamaga 2, Koge, Ebko 2 and Vaga 2 are in pool Be 


The National Sport Ministry supportedthe tournament with K15, 000. Finals will be played this weekend


The match between Vamaga 1 and Vaga 1 was closely contested. Vaga 1 beganthe serves, aiming for gaps while Vamaga 1 made suretheir side ofthe court was well-covered. 


Vaga 1 scored a convincing 25-14 baggingthe first set.


Vamaga 1, havingthe regular players on courtobounced back inthe second set at 25 – 23 points.  Vamaga 1 continued maintainingtheir good form, winning both remaining sets. 



The Kobes were in a class oftheir own asthey tookthe court  anticipating a nail-biting encounter.


The match went down tothe wire with Koge winning 3 sets to 1.In anther resultoEbko nailed Lai Kupis, 3 sets to Nil.

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