Malabag visits Gabagaba: The largest Motuan village

Health Minister Michael Malabag was on one of his ministerial visits to Gabagaba, Central Province.

The minister was accompanlied by Transport minister and Rigo MP, Ano Pala and Central Governor Kila Haoda. The visit proverd thatthere is more work to be done in clinics and Health Centers throughoutthe country.

Gabagaba village isthe largest Motuan village alongthe Coast andthe small clinic servesthe entire population plus surrounding villages.

Central Province itself does not have a hospital of its own and most villagers from here seek health services from Port Moresby General Hospital.

Minister Malabagsaid it is onthe government’s priority list to improverthe existing health facilities and Gabagaba was no exception.

He said revenues generated fromthe country’s resources should be translated inthe two important areas of health and education.

The Central Provincial Government withthe backing from Rigo MP pledged K200, 000.00 for the rehabilitation ofthe clinic.

Part ofthe rehabilitation will include extension ofthe clinic and new houses for additional staff to runthe Centre.

Governor Haoda made anther commitment of K20, 000.00 that will go towards sporting activities inthe village.

He said public servants inthe province now have an important role to deliverthe K152 million earmarked for this year’s budget.

Michelle Amba, National EMTV News

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