JICA Gives to Help Eliminate Filariasis

The JapanInternational Cooperation Agency (JICA) today handed over specific medical equipment tothe Department of Health.

The equipment is for the Pacific program to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis in PNG


It is a disease arising from when parasit’s attackthe lymphatic system ofthe body.


Surveys have shown that almost 90 percent of people inthe Pacific Region live withthe disease, but are unaware of its consequences.


The disease, Lymphatic Filariasis, is a parasitic disease that lives inthe human lymph system. It is caused by thread-like worms that get intothe lymphatic system ofthe human body and grow, blockingthe system. Whenthe system is blocked, it builds up fluid and it takes many years for the signs and symptoms to appear.


According to Leo Makita, Program Manager for the Malaria and Vector Bern Deceases, a Beanch ofthe Department of Health,the disease is transmitted through Anopheles mosquito, which isthe same mosquito that carriesthe Malaria Parasite.


One common clinical outcome ofthe disease in PNG is Elephantiasis.


He said to avoidthe risk people have to sleep under a mosquito net.


This medical equipment will be tested in New Ireland Province andthen Gulf and Vanimo before going to ther provinces.

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